Activity and budget template for a programme of activity

Use this template if you're applying for:

  • multiple activities within one application through Annual Arts Grants
  • a multidisciplinary arts festival involving multiple activities
  • a publishing grant towards multiple publications (however, you can also use our publishing subsidy budget template for this activity)

Use the template to:

  • list the individual activities involved
  • indicate what types of activities they are
  • provide statistics about the activities, and
  • provide financial information about the activities.

>>Activity and Budget Template.xlsx

The Activity and Budget template has two parts:

1. Activity and budget summary

You must complete the table on the Activity & Budget Summary tab with the details of your proposed programme of activity.

This tab also includes information to help you decide what Activity type(s) to select and which projected activity statistics you need to enter for each Activity type.

2. Detailed activity budget(s)

In addition, you must provide detailed budget(s) for your programme of activities or project.

You can provide a separate budget for each activity/project OR combine similar activities/projects together.

You can choose to use the Detailed Activity Budget templates provided (recommended) OR use choose to use your own budget format as long as it meets the Budget guidelines.

All Annual Arts Grant applications are assessed on whether the budget is thorough and accurate and considers fair remuneration for practitioners.