Artistic support material

Artistic support material helps our assessors understand the artistic intentions of your project and the quality of your previous work.

For some arts activities we have more detailed suggestions about the support material you should provide. Be sure to check the Additional activity guidelines and advice section of this site and the relevant funding programme webpage to see if there is additional guidance for your type of activity.

You should only include material that is recent, relevant and helps assessors understand the project for which you’re applying.

Depending on your artform and the nature of your project, your artistic support material might include:

  • CVs or bios of the artists or practitioners involved
  • images of recent work or concept drawings for new work
  • a link to an artist’s website
  • exhibition catalogues
  • videos or audio recordings
  • a sample music score, or visual representation of the score, for a new piece of music
  • a sample of a script or a synopsis or treatment for a new play
  • a sample manuscript or sample illustrations for a new book
  • evidence of past success, such as sales or box-office figures and reviews
  • a copy of a commissioning agreement for commissions of new artwork
  • marketing material

Make sure that any support material you provide is clearly labelled and meets the requirements of our guidelines for adding document and support material to your application.