Arts Continuity Grants programme purposes

To receive an Arts Continuity Grant, your project must achieve one or more of the four programme purposes below. Be sure to make a statement in your application about how your project will achieve one or more of them.

  1. Sustaining careers for artists, arts practitioners, groups and organisations

For instance, giving opportunities for artists, arts practitioners, groups and organisations to:

  • maintain their practice over the immediate period
  • have the time to investigate and assess new ways to create, develop and distribute their work in a sustainable manner.
  1. Development of arts practice

For instance, projects allow arts practitioners, groups and organisations to:

  • continue to research, create or develop new work
  • develop their professional and creative skills to improve the quality of their practice, organisational effectiveness, and financial health.
  1. Innovation in New Zealand arts

For instance, projects that allow artists, arts practitioners, groups and arts organisations to actively investigate new ways of working and take artistic risks. 

In the face of challenges, these projects look beyond existing or conventional models of concept and delivery to create an original solution. The focus is on exploring new approaches to solving challenges to drive resilience.

Innovation may exist in the:

  • form of the work
  • process of creating the work
  • way the work is presented
  • ways the work engages with its audience, including digital distribution
  • way in which skills and techniques are passed on.
  1. Opportunities for diverse communities to access and participate in high-quality arts experiences

For instance, projects that remove barriers to access for participation across New Zealand, including using digital technologies.