Assessment and decision-making process

Assessing applications

Assessors assess applications using the assessment criteria and scale listed under ‘Assessing applications’ on the webpage for each funding programme.  The assessment criteria are defined and approved by Creative New Zealand.

The assessors read and review the information submitted in the application. They do not see information submitted to Creative New Zealand previously and do not have information about an applicant’s funding history

It is important that an applicant include in their application all the information they wish an assessor to see because we do not allow assessors to contact applicants directly or seek clarification from them.  

Assessors are asked to use their knowledge and expertise in their artform to assess the quality of the applications and provide fulsome and constructive commentary that substantiates the scores they’ve awarded.

Once the assessment of an application is complete, the scores for each assessment criteria are added up to give the total score for the application.

All the applications in a funding round are put in a list and ordered according to their total score.

Panels and Moderation

Panels are convened for certain funding rounds. Generally this is when the amounts that can be requested exceed $50,000.

A panel consists of artform experts who will:

  • read and consider the results of external assessments prior to the meeting
  • make recommendations for funding by coming to a consensus at the meeting
  • take into account additional information provided by Creative New Zealand staff.

Depending on the size of the funding round, not all applications will be discussed by the panel due to time constraints. For larger rounds, such as Arts Grants, often less than 50% of all projects will be discussed at panel.

When there is no panel, Creative New Zealand considers the assessment scores, commentary and ranked order at a moderation meeting.

The moderation process is an internal step, where Creative New Zealand reviews and moderates the panel recommendations, or the ranked order, prior to making a final recommendation.

Creative New Zealand considers whether the range of recommended projects will meet the outcomes outlined in the purposes of the programme, and whether there are any gaps identified within the recommendations.

Decision making

Final recommendations are made to Creative New Zealand’s Senior Manager for Arts Development Services who provides a final decision.

In some circumstances, the decision is made by the Chief Executive Officer, Creative New Zealand or by the Arts Council of New Zealand.