Funding is available to commission New Zealand artists to create new work for public presentation. You can apply for the artist’s costs to create the work.

A strong application would include:

  • Details of the selection process and the artistic brief
  • A clear description of the proposed work
  • Confirmation of when and where it will be presented and by whom
  • Artistic support material that illustrates the proposed work
  • Confirmation of the artist’s availability
  • A copy of the contract with the artist
  • An explanation of how best practice copyright protection will be provided for the artist

For public art commissions such as public sculptures and murals, a strong application would also include:

  • an explanation of how the project is consistent with the local or regional public artwork strategy (as published by the relevant local city or district council)
  • a letter from the relevant territorial authority confirming their interest in, and financial commitment to, the project
  • a long-term maintenance plan for the artwork

For music commissions, the Composers Association of New Zealand (CANZ) provides a range of useful advice and a sample commissioning agreement you can refer to.