Funding is available to deliver arts festivals in New Zealand. The funding request must be for specific activities and events within the festival programme. Creative New Zealand will not fund the shortfall between budgeted income and expenditure, otherwise known as a shortfall budget.

Literary festivals

Funding is available for published New Zealand writers to present and promote their work at a New Zealand literary festival or as part of the literary component of an arts festival. The organiser’s application should be for a specific component of the budget, e.g. New Zealand writers’ fees or New Zealand writers’ travel or accommodation costs.

Māori or Pacific arts festivals

Funding is available for New Zealand-based Māori or Pacific arts festivals that provide opportunities for:

  • the presentation and transmission of Māori customary arts or Pacific heritage arts
  • commissioning or employing New Zealand artists to create and present work
  • community arts projects that focus on professional artists working with communities, or have regional or national significance
  • presenting and promoting New Zealand work that engages new and diverse audiences
  • workshops, wānanga, fono, forums, master classes, seminars and other opportunities for creative and/or professional development for New Zealand artists and practitioners.

Multidisciplinary arts festivals

Funding is available for the following activities:

  • presentation of new or remounted, excellent and innovative New Zealand art and New Zealand work, including contemporary Māori or Pacific arts
  • community arts projects and events
  • presentation and transmission of Māori customary arts and Pacific heritage arts
  • commissioning, co-production and/or development of small-scale innovative work.

A multidisciplinary arts festival is one that takes place within a defined area or region over a designated period of time. It involves an integrated programme of arts events and activities that features at least two different artforms of any cultural tradition.

Attending festivals in the Pacific

Funding is available for Pasifika community groups to attend festivals in the Pacific to learn about heritage arts.

A strong application would show that the group will:

  • be attending workshops or other forums to gain vital skills and knowledge not available in New Zealand
  • be passing on these skills and knowledge to their communities in New Zealand