How should I format my support material?

You can add documents and other support material to your application on the 'Attachment' or 'Support Material' tab of your application form.

  • You can add a maximum of five items of support material.
  • Documents must be uploaded as attached files.
  • Artistic material should be provided as a web-link when possible.
  • If your support material is not available in electronic format you can choose to submit it in hard copy.

Our Portal User Guide has instruction on how to add documents and support material to your application. Remember to click 'Save' every time you add a piece of support material.


You can upload the following file formats: 

  • .pdf
  • .doc or .docx (Word)
  • .xls or .xlsx (Excel)
  • .png, .jpg, .jpeg (images)
  • .txt.

Note: we can only accept music, video and other file formats  via a web-link.


The preferred method for supplying artistic support material is a web-link (URL) to where your support material may be viewed or heard.

  • The URL needs to be a direct link to where your material can be viewed or played online and must not require further navigation, or for a file to be downloaded.
    We can't accept documents provided as web-links to Google Docs or Drop-box.
  • If the URL requires a password to access, make sure you include the password in the ‘Name/description’ field or the body of your application.
  • Be sure to regularly check that the URLs you provided are working throughout the assessment period, as we take no responsibility if the link does not work.

Hard copies

If your support material is not available online or in one of the file formats listed above then you can choose to submit it in hard copy.

  • List all hardcopy support material to the ‘Application’ or ‘Support Material’ tab of the online application form and print the coversheet before submitting.
  • Note that hard copies of support material will not be returned to you.
  • Your hard copy support material must  arrive at Creative New Zealand’s Auckland or Wellington office within three working days of the closing date and be accompanied by the coversheet (this is printable from the ‘Attachments’ or ‘Support Material’ tab of the online application form)