International art fairs

Funding is available for New Zealand-based dealer galleries and craft/object designers and companies to participate in reputable international art fairs. The focus is on increasing the sale of New Zealand craft/object and visual artworks in offshore markets.

You can apply for up to $20,000.

Your application must include, as support material for the Process section of your application:

  • An invitation from an international art fair (may be an online platform).
  • An explanation of how this opportunity delivers to your international goals, including:
    • what international success looks like for you 
    • evidence that you understand the risks and have strategies to mitigate them, including a contingency plan should the fair be cancelled
    • promotional and networking/engagement activity plan
    • information on the dealer gallery/designer’s track record of successfully presenting the work of New Zealand artists or designers at reputable art fairs OR, if a first-time art fair participant, evidence that the proposal is based on sound research and budgeting.
  • Information on the long-term international career development goals of the featured artist(s) or designer(s). Include a statement on how participation in the fair will help achieve those goals.
  • Quotes for travel costs, freight and insurance, if applicable.

We recommend attaching your international plan as support material. Here's a resource to help you develop your international plan: A guide to developing your international plan

You can include international artists or designers as part of your presentation, but at least 50% of the works presented must be by New Zealand artists or designers.

You can include work from deceased artists, but the presentation must foster dialogue and create opportunities for contemporary New Zealand artists. Your application will need to describe how the presentation will do this.