International commissions, touring, presentations and exhibitions

Funding is available for international commissioning, touring, presenting and exhibiting distinctive, high quality art by New Zealand artists and practitioners.

You can apply for up to $50,000.

Your application must include, as support material for the Process section of your application:

  • A letter of confirmation from the host, presenter or partner which includes:
    • evidence that they are contributing financially to the project, including fees
    • information about the risk mitigations in place
    • confirmation that the presenter has sufficient experience and resources to deliver the project successfully, including outlining their marketing and promotion plans.
  • An explanation of how this opportunity delivers to your international goals, including:
    • what international success looks like for you
    • information about the work’s previous presentation track record
    • evidence that you understand the risks and have strategies to mitigate them, including a contingency plan should the project be cancelled.
  • Quotes for travel costs, freight and insurance, if applicable.

We recommend attaching your international plan as support material. Here's a resource to help you develop your international plan: A guide to developing your international plan.

We can fund projects that are non-fee paying, including performance which involve a box-office share arrangement.  Applicants will be required to provide evidence that they have sufficient experience and resources to manage any risks as well as their own marketing and promotion plans.  

We do not fund production costs for presenting New Zealand music, theatre or dance by an international company for an international audience.