Funding is available for curatorial and other arts internships at established arts organisations.

We have minimum standards for internships. We seek to support:

  • Internships that pay interns a fair wage of at least $25 per hour to emphasise the value of the intern, improve career sustainability, personal wellbeing and ensure equitable access to these opportunities for New Zealand’s diverse population. This is in line with our general remuneration guidance.
  • Internships that are at arts organisations have the capability and capacity to appropriately support an intern and provide meaningful training within the internship i.e. the organisation can provide:
    • a clear position description for the intern with a defined role and responsibilities
    • appropriate supervision, mentoring and pastoral care
    • staff and/or Board members that can support the organisation’s delivery to cultural diversity and the intern
  • Internships that are inclusive and support diversity across New Zealand’s arts sector – recognising that interns may bring cultural knowledge to a host organisation but they should not be the primary means of the host’s delivery to cultural diversity. 
    Inclusiveness is supported:
    • in the way the opportunities are promoted
    • through appropriate cultural support and guidance from staff, management and/or Board members
    • through the programmes interns work on or are part of
  • Internships where expectations of interns, hosts and contracted coordinating entities are established and agreed by all parties prior to the start of the internship.
  • Internships that provide appropriate line-management and mentoring support for the interns within the host organisation, via external mentoring and via peer support.