Project statistics

For each of the funded activity in your project, we ask that you supply some statistics to help us understand the results of the project and the impact of our grants. You need only list activities funded by the grant.   

Depending on the funded activity, you will need to provide details such as:

A. Where the project took place.

  • A project location can be a Local Territorial Authority OR Overseas Country OR National OR Online.  
  • Complete a row of statistics for each location where your project took place.  

B. Number of new works/titles created.

  • New work refers to the creation, development or publishing of an original work that has not previously existed (excluding the reinterpretation of existing works).   

C. Number of events (if your project involved exhibiting or performing).

  • Events capture the number of opportunities audiences have to experience arts activities  

  • For exhibitions enter the number of days the exhibition is open to the public.  

  • For plays/concerts/dance performances enter the number of performances.  

D. Number of copies/print run (if your project involved publishing or recording).

E. Number of participants actively involved in making or presenting the art.

  • Participation includes the active involvement of individuals, groups and/or communities in the making or presentation of art.  

  • It applies to professional, emerging and non-professional artists, including those involved in cultural and recreational activities. Participation does not include activities such as listening to recorded music, reading a book or going to a show.  

F. Number of event attendances/quantity distributed (if your project involved exhibiting or performing or publishing (including online).

  • Paid attendances/paid quantity distributed: the number of people who paid for tickets/copies/arts experiences  

  • Complimentary attendances/complimentary quantity distributed: the number of people who were given complimentary tickets/copies/arts experience (include sponsors) 

  • Free attendees/free quantity distributed: the number of people who attended or accessed free arts experiences.

For more information on reporting activity statistics, please refer to the Portal User Guide - Reporting activity type