Public museums and galleries

Applications to support the cost of creating new work for exhibition at public museums and galleries should be made directly by the artist. The application must disclose the full extent of the support the artist will receive from the presenting gallery for the proposed project.  

Metropolitan and regional galleries and museums (glossary) and galleries under the auspices of a tertiary education provider, can apply for the following activities only:   

  • Residencies for New Zealand artists  
  • Internships for New Zealanders  
  • Writing and development of high-quality publications associated with the arts in New Zealand 
  • Opportunities for independent artists’ professional development and artform discourse focused on New Zealand practice via national forums or symposia for example  
  • Crating and freighting of high-quality New Zealand works for touring exhibitions within New Zealand or overseas  
  • Opportunities for international artists and curators to undertake high-quality projects in New Zealand that have clear benefits for New Zealanders and for visual arts practice in this country  

We do not support core business costs of a gallery or museum including, but not limited to:  

  • Exhibition costs, including new work costs, installation, hospitality, marketing, travel and freight etc. 
  • Commissioning of work that is to be part of a gallery or museum collection  
  • Overheads, including venue, administration, security, health and safety, and staff costs 
  • Research  
  • The costs of establishing, operating, maintaining or developing the institution’s website
  • Costs already funded by National Services Te Paerangi