Funding is available to individuals, collectives, institutions or publishing companies for publishing projects that:

  • Demonstrate literary or artistic excellence
  • Contribute to New Zealand’s cultural life
  • Contribute to New Zealand arts development through critical discourse

Strong publishing projects:

  • Involve New Zealand writers, illustrators or artists
  • Involve editors and designers who have a track record of producing high-quality work
  • Have cost effective ways to produce, distribute and promote the work
  • Can demonstrate that funding is necessary to make the project financially viable

Applications to support artform publications – i.e. publications about New Zealand arts and artists – should be made under the relevant artform.

How many publications can I apply for?

  • Arts Grants: up to five print publications or e-books per funding application, up to two applications per year.
  • Annual Arts Grants: between four and ten print publications or e-books journal per annual application. Please check your eligibility for Annual Arts Grants before applying.

What publishing costs can I apply for?

Funding is available for the production, marketing and distribution costs of print publications and e-books.

  • Standard format publications: up to $5,000
  • Large format, heavily-illustrated publications: up to $12,000
  • Children’s picture books: up to $4,000

You can apply for additional support at the same rates as above if the publication is:

  • in te reo Māori or a language of the Pasifika peoples of New Zealand
  • a non-fiction work
  • an artform publication.

You can apply for fees for independent editors and writers if the publication is:

  • an artform publication
  • a print or online journal with multiple contributors
  • a multi-author anthology

You can also apply for:

  • Te reo translation
  • Audio book recording
  • Audience/market development activities that achieve Arts Grants programme purposes.

A strong application would include:

  • a sample of the manuscript or page proofs
  • reviews and sales data from previous publications
  • confirmation of a publishing partnership, if applicable
  • an explanation of how the author will be compensated (e.g. royalties, fees, licenses agreements, etc. ) or a copy of the contract with the author
  • information about, and confirmation from, contributors
  • evidence that you have permission to use any copyright or licensed material
  • information about the format and print specifications of the publication (e.g. a print quote and a design quote)
  • a production timeline
  • a distribution strategy that clearly identifies:
    • the market for the work
    • the size of print run
    • how the publication will be promoted and distributed, and to whom
    • the number of complimentary copies and who you intend to give them to
    • the number of copies for sale, whether through informal or established distribution channels
    • the retail price (if applicable)
  • a budget that reflects all project expenses and income, including any expected sales income for the first 12 months, if the publication is to be sold
  • for music publishers, confirmation of whether you are a member of APRA (Australasian Performing Rights Association) or AMCOS (Australasian Mechanical Copyright Owners Society).