Reapplying for a previously declined project

If your application was declined in one of our funding rounds and you want to resubmit it to a future funding round or funding programme, we will only allow this under limited circumstances and at our discretion.

Contact Funding Services to ask about resubmitting. Permission to resubmit is granted by the Manager, Funding Services.

If you resubmit an application without getting permission first, it won’t be eligible for consideration in that funding round.

If you are given permission to resubmit, you can do so only once and it does not offer any guarantee that the application will be successful. 

Criteria for resubmission

Generally, when deciding whether to allow a resubmission we look for the following things:

  • The application was not submitted to any funding opportunity prior to 1 January 2021
  • The application was scored highly by assessors and was recommended for funding by the assessment panel but could not be funded in that funding round due to limited budget
  • The request to reapply is made within six weeks of the notification date
  • The project can be completed within a new funding timeframe.

Arts Grants

You can submit a maximum of two applications to Arts Grants per financial year. Declined applications, ineligible applications and resubmitted applications all count towards this maximum number. Therefore, if you have already submitted two applications – successful or otherwise – we’re unable to offer you a resubmission on top of that.

Annual Arts Grants

If you applied to Annual Arts Grants and were unsuccessful, you can apply to Arts Grants for projects that were included in your application, without seeking approval.

Ineligible applications

If your application was made ineligible in a funding round it cannot be submitted to a future funding round.