Residencies within New Zealand

Funding is available to support New Zealand artists to undertake residencies in New Zealand.

You can apply to support the artist’s costs including stipend, travel accommodation and materials. Either the artist or the host can apply, but not both.

If the residency is at an educational institution, the application needs to show how the artist’s activity will be distinct from the institution’s ongoing educational programme.

You cannot apply for support towards a residency that is already supported by a Creative New Zealand funding programme or initiative. 

A strong application would include:

  • A letter confirming the artist has been selected for the residency
  • Evidence of the host organisation’s financial or in-kind contribution
  • Evidence of the creative or professional development benefits for the artist
  • Details of the intended focus of artist’s work during the residency
  • Details of the host organisation’s curatorial emphasis or artistic direction
  • Evidence of the quality of the residency programme.