Standard project budget template

Your application must include a project budget that is detailed and accurate so our assessors can see your project is viable.

Your budget needs to:

  • list all the costs to the project and show how those costs were calculated
  • show which costs you’re asking the CNZ grant to cover
  • list all the other sources of revenue, such as earned revenue, other cash support or in-kind support.

You can create your project budget either by:

  • entering the figures into our online budget form, which is built into the ‘How Much’ tab of the application form, or
  • downloading an Excel project budget template, filling it in and uploading it to the ‘Support material’ tab of the online application form.

>> CNZ-project-budget-template.xls

For instructions on how to create a budget using our online budget form, refer to ‘Create a project budget’ in the Portal User Guide.

For instructions on how to upload an Excel template to your application, refer to ‘Add documents and support material’ in the Portal User Guide.