Summary report

In this section of the report, you tell us about the results of your project and whether there were any changes from what you described in your original application.   

You’ll be asked to provide brief comments in response to the following questions:  

  • Were there changes to the idea, process or people involved in the project?   

  • Were there changes of more than 10% to any of the budget items in your budget? You’ll also need to include an updated budget (Financial report) showing the actual costs and revenue.  

  • Did the results of your project meet your expectations when compared to your original application?   

  • Did the project have additional outcomes that weren’t in your original application?   

  • Did the project contribute to your development as an artist, arts practitioner or arts organisation?  

  • What would you have changed, if anything, to make your project more successful?   

  • What are the next steps for the project, or how will you apply the knowledge gained from this the project in future projects?   

  • What further development opportunities resulted from the project, if any?