Planning documents

Planning documents help our assessors understand the quality of your planning and viability of your project.

Certain planning documents may be required for specific activities or as a requirement for certain funding programmes. Be sure to check the Additional activity guidelines and advice section of this site and the relevant funding programme webpage to see if there is additional guidance for your type of activity.

Depending on your artform and the nature of your project, you might include some of the following planning documents:

  • a production timeline
  • an itinerary
  • a draft programme for a festival
  • a marketing or engagement plan
  • a distribution plan for publishing a book

For International activity, including touring or presenting work or attending markets or fairs, you should include:

For applications to Annual Arts Grants, you should include:

Make sure that any support material you provide is clearly labelled and meets the requirements of our guidelines for adding document and support material to your application.