Websites and apps

Funding is available to develop, re-develop or maintain websites and apps that:

  • create, promote or distribute quality New Zealand artwork
  • engage in artform development and arts criticism

You can apply for:

  • Editorial and contributor costs
  • The costs of placing work on the website
  • Developer and designer costs
  • Website hosting

A strong application would include:

  • an explanation of how the website or app provides a unique experience or content, which fills a gap for your artform
  • evidence of demand and support for the website – for example, a copy of the site’s monthly usage and visitor statistics for the previous six months
  • information about how the website is being promoted to existing and new audiences
  • information about the contributors and confirmation of their availability
  • details of the functionality and purpose of the website, including a quote for the work from the website designers and developers, if applicable