What happens if I don’t report on time?

You must complete and submit your project completion report within eight (8) weeks of the project end date set out in your Funding Agreement.  

If you think you’re not going to meet the deadline, please email us at reporting@creativenz.govt.nzso we can work with you to find a suitable solution. Creative New Zealand is mindful of the impacts of COVID-19 on practitioners. 

Not giving a satisfactory report by the agreed due date is a breach of the conditions for your Funding Agreement.  

If your project completion report is more than 16 weeks late, you will become classified as a ’default client’, which means:  

  • payments for current or pending grants will not be made until a satisfactory report is received.  

  • you will not be eligible to apply for funding for a minimum of six (6) months after receipt of the project completion report.  

  • your default history will remain permanently on file.  

  • creative New Zealand may give your contact details to a debt collection agency to have the grant repaid, along with any additional collection charges.