When and how do I report on my grant?

You must complete and submit your project completion report within eight (8) weeks of the project end date set out in your Funding Agreement.  

You complete and submit your report in the Creative New Zealand Portal

Your report allows us to evaluate the results of your project and gather data to understand the impact of our grants. There are four areas of the report:

  1. Summary report
    A written summary of how the project went and how it achieved the Creative New Zealand outcome you stated in your original application.

  1. Project statistics
    Statistics for each funded activity. For instance, the number of people involved, the number of artworks produced and the number of audience members.  

  1. Financial report
    Also known as an Actuals Budget, this shows what the project’s actual costs and revenue were when compared to your original budget.  

  1. Support material
    This can include images, recordings or other documents that help show the results of your project.

For instructions on how to use the Portal to complete and submit your report, refer to our Portal User Guide - Report

If you are experiencing any issues with your report in the portal, please contact reporting@creativenz.govt.nz