Who assesses your application?

For all our project funding programmes we use external peer assessors to assess applications.

Peer assessors are people from the arts sector who do not work at Creative New Zealand. They come from a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences.

Peer assessors either nominate themselves or are nominated by other people in the arts sector and are approved by the Arts Council of New Zealand before they participate in a funding round.

All peer assessors are listed on a public register. The term of registration is 5 years, and there are around 400 to 450 assessors on the register at any point of time. Each year we use up to 200 assessors in our funding rounds. 

The role of peer assessors is set out in full in the Peer Assessor Terms and Conditions.

Assessors are selected for each round based on a number of factors including but not limited to; their availability, their artform experience and previous performance in other funding rounds.

We ask assessors to declare any real, potential or perceived conflicts of interest so we can manage these conflicts to ensure a robust and fair process. Assessors who have a financial interest (either direct or indirect) in a funding round are not used as assessors for that round.

Conflict of Interest protocols are set out in full in the Peer Assessor Terms and Conditions  available on the Creative New Zealand website.

Before participating in a funding round the assessors are given a briefing and training on how to assess. In each round we attempt to use a mix of new assessors and assessors with experience in the fund. They are generally selected because of their expertise in an artform or genre.

Depending on the round, there will either be one or two assessors per application.

Our legislation requires that applications submitted to our Māori and Pacific funds must be assessed by Māori and Pacific assessors, respectively.