Additional activity guidelines and advice

For certain types of arts activity we have additional guidelines and advice about how to make a strong application. Check here to see if there are any additional guidelines that apply to your project.

International activity

Funding is available to support New Zealand artists, practitioners, and organisations to engage in a variety of international activity, including the presentation of art works. In the short to medium-term, given current travel restrictions, we anticipate that activity involving an artist’s or practitioner’s participation will occur virtually. For artists currently based in New Zealand, you will only be eligible to apply for Creative New Zealand’s support for international travel related costs from New Zealand if the government travel advisory permits international travel at the time your application is submitted, for example the Australia/New Zealand Trans-Tasman ‘bubble’. We encourage you to visit and read the COVID-19 advice and specific country information. If the advice is not to travel at the time your application is submitted, Creative New Zealand will only support costs where the project is taking place, and you will need to find other financial support to cover the travel related costs e.g., flights, travel insurance, visas, and quarantine accommodation if you choose to travel. If you travel internationally from New Zealand, or are an artist based overseas, and further travel is required for the project (domestic or international), you will be required to provide confirmation about the official travel advice from the Government of the country you are residing in and/or travelling to. If advisory or border control information changes during the period between submission and decision Creative New Zealand reserves the right to exercise discretion and/or comply with government advisories and/or border controls.