Support from other sources

Possible other sources of funding include:

  • cash support from other government agencies, grants, trusts or foundations,
  • your own contribution, e.g. cash, or in-kind goods and services,
  • in-kind support that offsets the project’s total costs, e.g. if the actual cost of your venue hire is $500 and you are getting a $100 discount on this you can demonstrate this as in-kind support; it is not cash support but it does reduce your costs. Ensure that you record the full cost in expenses ($500) and record the discount as in-kind income ($100). This will make the net cost for the venue $400,
  • donations or discounts on services, materials or products. The value of this support should be reflected in your budget under both project costs (the un-discounted dollar value of the service, product or materials) and project revenue (the value of the discount on the service, product or materials).